Moog Animatics to Consolidate Assembly & Test Operation FAQ


Why is this happening?

In the current uncertain economic environment, taking proactive steps to control costs is an imperative.  This consolidation of our assembly & test operations makes the most efficient use of existing Moog assets and capabilities and keeps our cost of fulfilling orders and serving our customers in line with market demands.


When is this change taking place?

Again, effective April 4, 2016, all Moog Animatics order fulfillment and shipping will take place at the Springfield facility.


Why the Springfield, PA facility?

There is existing production capacity in Springfield and this is a stable, Moog-owned facility.  QS9000 Certified, this facility has a lengthy and solid history of producing and testing high quality products that are often packaged with power electronics, similar to the Moog Animatics product line.


What about product quality?

Moog Animatics has invested a great deal of time, effort, and money over the past three years into improving product quality.  The results are significant and field-proven, with a four-fold improvement in measured product quality and associated reduction in RMA counts, all of which exceed established Moog goals.

The Springfield facility will continue this improvement trajectory.  With a strong culture of continuous improvement, this facility is the perfect location in which to fulfill our shared customer orders in a secure and stable manner moving forward.


What about product lead times?

There will no change in product production lead times.  Significant proactive efforts are being applied to the transition itself to minimize any potential delay while the move itself is being made.


What about handling product returns and the RMA process?

The general paperwork / electronic routing process will remain the same, except that upon the transition, product returns will instead be routed to the Springfield facility and the actual RMA work and root cause analysis investigations will be performed in Springfield with a trained technician and quality engineer.


What about the Milpitas location?

The Milpitas facility will continue to house the sales, application engineering, and some customer service and administrative functions of the Moog Animatics business.   Our Rochester, NY location will continue to house our R&D activities and will continue its excellent work in making additional improvements to our firmware and software, and continue developing our next generation motion control solutions.