Moog Animatics Expands their Actuator Product Line

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of H-Bot belt systems


Moog Animatics is pleased to announce the expansion of its actuator product line with the addition of new, high-performance, SmartMotor™-integrated ROT1 rotary actuators, PSC / M6S belt-driven linear actuators, and H-Bot / T-Bot belt systems.

The Moog Animatics ROT1 rotary actuator is a belt-driven rotary stage with low backlash and high positional accuracy. This family of rotary actuator products is ideal for high-speed indexing as well as precision rotation. Delivering a turnkey, easy-to-use solution for all rotary-table applications requiring moderate to high loads, these rotary stages are available with through holes from 16 mm to 100 mm, and with optional cleanroom-compliant grease. The ROT1 rotary actuator is shipped preassembled with the Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ of your choice, mounted on either side of the actuator for maximum design and mounting flexibility.

The Moog Animatics PSC / M6S actuators are belt-driven linear systems with integrated guide rails, low backlash and high traverse speeds. These actuators are ideal for moving light loads at speeds beyond the reach of ball screw actuators. They are available with strokes from 150 mm to 3000 mm in 50 mm increments (other lengths are available by special request). The belt-driven linear actuators are shipped preassembled with the NEMA 23 or 34 SmartMotor™ of your choice, mounted on either side of the actuator for maximum design and mounting flexibility.

The Moog Animatics H-Bot / T-Bot belt systems use a novel combination of belt actuators to accomplish two-axis motion. The motors remain stationary, removing the traditional requirement for expensive cable tracks and associated high flex cabling. The intelligence in the SmartMotor™ simplifies and makes motion solutions easy as the SmartMotor™ can interpret direct Cartesian coordinates and perform the transforms on the fly to create exactly the motion and positioning you require. Like the ROT 1 actuators, the H-Bot / T-Bot belt systems are shipped preassembled with the Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ of your choice.

These fully integrated actuator products bring SmartMotor™ capabilities, ease-of-use, and speed-to-market to your actuator applications. They are designed for precise motion, long life and minimal maintenance, making them an ideal fit for applications in material handling, packaging, biomedical, semiconductor, life sciences and more.

The ROT 1 rotary actuators, PSC / M6S belt-driven linear actuators, and H-Bot / T-Bot systems are available now. Be sure to ask your Moog Animatics distributor or sales rep about these systems for your next rotary or linear application!