Moog Animatics' 6-axis CAN Bus Demo Video


The 6-axis CAN bus video  exhibits many of the advanced capabilities of the SmartMotor™, such as timed sync, electronic gearing and camming on top of gearing. The entire machine is programmed/controlled over CAN bus via the SmartMotors, no external bus master is used or needed.

The  6-axis CAN bus demo video shows how the SmartMotor™ can:

  • Connect and communicate over CAN bus for minimal cabling and ease of integration
  • Allow for time sync of motors, electronic gearing, camming, and camming on top of gearing, all through the CAN bus
  • Enable high-speed interrupt applications, such as high-speed inspection systems.

This and other SmartMotor features allow you to easily and simply create complex motion on many axes while improving system cost, reliability, replication time and speed to market!

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