Moog Animatics' Three-Axis Demo System Showcases Ease of Creating Coordinated, Smooth, Multi-Axis Motion


Moog Animatics has made available a powerful SmartMotor™ Three-Axis Demo System for showcasing the multi-axis capabilities of the SmartMotor™. For example, you can quickly and easily see:

  • Coordinated motion over two or three axes
  • CNC systems
  • Complex onboard mathematical functions
  • Ease of cabling
  • Multi-master fault handling
  • And much more!

Additionally, Moog Animatics' extensive library of sample code allows application-specific presentations to be created without years of SmartMotor™ programming experience. This allows proof-of-concept demonstrations to be quickly designed and shown in your office, so you can be confident that SmartMotor™ products will deliver the quality, ease of use, value and capability that you need.

The portable SmartMotor™ Three-Axis Demo Systems are available now. Be sure to ask your Moog Animatics distributor or sales rep about seeing the portable SmartMotor™ Three-Axis Demo System for your next application!