Moog Animatics Introduces

Upgraded SMI™ Version 3 SoftwareSMI3_cluster.png

To enable more productive and efficient application development, Moog Animatics is pleased to announce the release of the SmartMotor Interface™ (SMI™) Version 3 software.

SMI version 3 software provides the following new features:

  • Network tab to view information about the SmartMotor fieldbus network for smoother integration
  • Extended CANopen support for easier interfacing
  • Revised online help system, and an improved Help menu that provides links to local and web documents – access help documents while working online or offline

SMI version 3 also offers a completely new Program Editor which includes:

  • Optional display of line numbers for faster program debugging
  • Undo/Redo functions, similar to other Windows-based software, facilitating better program editing
  • Keyword tooltips; no need for remembering the function of every keyword
  • Context Sensitive Help – simply highlight the keyword and press F1 to see a complete description
  • Programs saved as standard text files, allowing direct import to other software

Additionally, the SMI software includes a Preprocessor Extension for specifying include files, defining macros, applying conditional directives, and using macro labels, which makes application development more efficient.

SMI version 3 software is available now as a free download!

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