Moog Animatics Announces the Addition of the SHUNT42V300WOF Open Frame Shunt


SHUNT42V300WOF Shunt mounted on a DIN rail with a power supply

Moog Animatics is pleased to announce the addition of a new frameless shunt to its product line, model SHUNT42V300WOF. This frameless shunt provides automatic overvoltage protection when installed on the power supply lines1 of your SmartMotor™ product.

The SHUNT42V300WOF model expands the shunt product offering by providing benefits like lower resistance: 4.7 instead of 12.5 Ω, increased power rating: 300W continuous with cooling, without cooling 240W (DC=30%), and high overload capabilities: 700W, maximum 5 sec. This new model includes a DIN rail adapter for mounting.

It also offers these advantages:

  • Robust resistors, cast in concrete and mounted in an aluminum housing
  • A PCB protected from mechanical influences like bending
  • Better heat conduction and impulse capacity
  • Integrated suppression diode for eliminating fast, short, peak voltages, which could damage the motor’s controller
  • All parts are UL listed, UL recognized or follow UL guidelines
  • And more

With the addition of this new frameless shunt model, Moog Animatics offers a variety of shunt products to fit your specific application’s motor-protection requirements, simply, reliably and cost effectively. Contact Moog Animatics directly or your sales rep for more details on this new shunt product.


[1] Shunts should always be placed between the motor input and any disconnect or e-stop relay to ensure protection of the motor when power is not applied or e-stop relay contacts are open.