Free 30-Day SMNC™ Application Software Trial 

with New and Improved Features

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Moog Animatics has released a free 30-day trial of the SMNC™ application software that includes new and improved features. This G-Code based servo motion control software uses numeric control to deliver multi-axis contouring for your Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ projects. SMNC provides a set of features that are comparable to any CNC system, including a user interface that is similar in appearance to a traditional CNC system. It is also compatible with Mastercam® CAD/CAM software. 

SMNC New Features: 

  • Real-time path rendering display
  • Improved error messages to display axis label instead of address
  • Improved import of .dxf files to allow scaling and support for ellipses
  • Use Teach Mode to generate G-Code programs
  • Completely reworked the help documentation look/feel and contents
  • Improved context-sensitive help to pull content directly from the online documentation
  • Improved Help menu with entries and organization similar to SMI
  • CHM version of the SmartMotor Developer's Guide included in the installer

SMNC Standard Features: 

  • Define up to 30 Inputs to perform SMNC functions, such as Start, Reset, and Feed Hold, or as interlocks
  • Password protection to control user access for many features
  • Define up to 6 different coordinate systems (G56-G59)
  • Customizable homing methods
  • Linear and circular motion control of multiple axes
  • Configures SmartMotors across multiple serial ports
  • Converts CAD-DXF files into motion control G and M Codes
  • Duplication of axis motion for gantry systems
  • Smooth control of acceleration and deceleration for sensitive curvilinear motion
  • Large numerical display
  • Control up to 6 axes in Coordinated, Spindle, Mimic, and other modes
  • RS-232 and RS-485 communication, CANopen available with approved hardware
  • and much more!

The SMNC™ Free 30-Day Trial is Available Now!

Register to download this new application software to improve the productivity and efficiency of your SmartMotor multi-axis contouring projects!

 *Mastercam is a registered trademark of CNC Software, Inc.