Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Simple,
Economical and Effective "Total Machine Control" Using
the SmartMotor™ With I/O Device CAN Bus Master


Imagine being able to control an entire machine, simply, economically, and effectively, without need for  an external bus master – that dream is now a reality. Moog Animatics recently announced the release of its new I/O Device CAN Bus Master capability. This extension of previous I/O support enables the Class 5 SmartMotor to interface with standard CiA 301 CANopen® devices such as:

  • Remote digital/analog/mixed signal I/O 
  • Temperature controllers
  • CAN bus absolute or relative encoders
  • Pneumatic valve blocks
  • Inclinometers
  • Load cells
  • Other motors 
  • Distance sensors
  • Flow meters/pressure sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Weight scales
  • Visual inspection systems
  • And many more 

Further, multiple SmartMotors and multiple I/O devices may be on the same CAN bus. When combined with Combitronic motor-to-motor communications, this allows for complex, multi-axis, multi-I/O-device network control.

This presentation will let you look under the hood and see how this new capability empowers machine builders with a simple, economical and effective “total machine control” solution using the SmartMotor with I/O CAN Bus Master.

This webinar will:

  • Describe the features and benefits of this new technology
  • Describe the new AniBasic user commands and CANopen objects
  • Present several application example user programs
Hack SummerApplications Technology Manager, Moog Animatics
Chuck Searcy - Sr. Applications Engineer, Moog Animatics